Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Designers Who Inspire. #3 Peter Dunham

If you have never seen the work of Peter Dunham, then you are in for a real treat!  Born in Paris, and raised in England his designs have a worldly, exotic feel to them, but still very classic.  He now resides in Los Angeles and has a store called Hollywood at Home, where he sells his own fabric and furniture lines among other decorative goodies.

A shot of his store, Hollywood At Home.  This "room" is an example of how to do everything right!  From the  color palette, to the mix of graphics with florals, to the abstract artwork, to the large lamps with the simple drum shades, it is perfect in my eyes!  It has a real layered look as if it has been collected over time, which I love.  This shot alone makes me want to hop on a plane to L.A. to go to his store!

Dunham's own Los Angeles home.  It has a great mix!  I love that print that looks like green leaves on the chair.  That is one from his line of fabrics.  It is called Fig Leaf.

Another shot of the above room.  I love that striped chair!  And I see my favorite print peeking out on the curtains.

I could sit here and look at books and magazines all day!  Love that shot of red from the chandelier!  It looks like it is coral?

Here are some more pictures of some of Peter Dunham's work.

There is my favorite print again on the banquette!

A neutral room with many textures to bring it to life!

There is my favorite print again to liven things up!  Love the striped rug!  Don't be afraid to mix patterns in your own home.

 This room could look a little granny if not for the extra large abstract paintings.  I wonder if my kids could create something like that!  HaHa!

This room could also be borderline granny, but look at the lamps on either side of that lovely tufted sofa.  Chinese vases on the bottom, with simple drum shades on top.  That's what Peter Dunham does best, he takes a classic room and updates it with lamps and modern artwork.

I will be filing this image under dream bedrooms!

I see a changing table, so this must be a nursery.  If I hadn't noticed the diapers, I would have never known this room was designed for a baby.  See?  You don't have to decorate your nursery in a Winnie the Pooh motif.  Unless you really like Winnie the Pooh, then of course you should.

I see my favorite print!  Again, a great layered look.  Notice the lamps on each side of the bed.  Nice, simple drum shades without a bead or fringe on them. And the scale and height is perfect.  Skimpy lamps that are too short is a real pet peeve of mine!

Of course I had to show this picture because it's got my favorite print all over it!

Some things to consider if you want this look for your own home!

Don't be afraid to mix patterns.  Stripes, florals, graphics they all work well together.  Throw in an ethnic print and that will look great too!  Of course, don't go too crazy with pattern, have some solids to balance things out.  And they should be in a similar color palette.

Big, bold lamps with simple drum shades.

Traditional artwork mixed with abstract artwork, plates hanging on the wall, which I am a huge fan of.

Lots of textures, sea grass, wicker, rattan, shells and coral.

Peter Dunham's rooms have a cozy layered look that comes from lots of books and accessories and pillows and throw blankets.  His rooms are definitely not minimalist!

For more inspiration, check out the rest of his portfolio here.

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