Monday, September 16, 2013

What Would Mario Do?

I recently had a birthday and it has caused me to make some changes.  Suddenly things I could get away with in my 20s and 30s cannot be forgiven now that I am pushing 40.  So,  I bought a nice handbag, got a good haircut, and started slathering wrinkle cream on my face every night.  I know, a little late now huh? It hasn't made me feel better anyway.  I also started looking around at my home.  My decorating is not fit for a 40 year old.  Too many thrift store/diy/spraypainted things.  Too many styles going on at once.  I like to call it blogger style.  I read dozens of decorating blogs and it shows in my home.  Too many ideas!  My home needs a more grown up look.  So I am starting over.  And my inspiration is Mario Buatta! 

Tradition and chintz!  Perfectly proper for a not quite 40 year old lady don't you think?  With my budget there will be some diy and help from my good friends etsy, ebay and Mr Craig.  Any Golden Girls out there looking to get rid of their chintz?  

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Frivolous Decorating! Some days you just need pretty!

 Well I can't seem to stay away from decorating! Reading about decorating, thinking about decorating, dreaming about decorating, or writing about decorating.  There is more to life than decorating, so please visit my other blog, Lady of the House for some great stuff!

 I love these rooms from  Megan Young.  They are very traditional but feel young because of the fun colors used!


Notice the gold interspersed throughout the room.  It really brings the room to life.



Living Room 1

A very glamorous living room!

Living Room 2

Den 1

LOVE this color combination of pale blue, minty green, and orange!  So cheerful!

Den 2

Dining Room

Kitchen - Dining Room

Master Bedroom 1

Blue Guest Room 1

Blue Guest Room 2

Coral Guest Room Bath

Coral Guest Room 1

Coral Guest Room 2



Rich colors!

Megan Young always inspires!  Go here for more!