Friday, April 1, 2011

Today is not a decorating related post, but it is something I am excited about!  I am participating in Kelly's Korner Blog show us your life series, and today is show us your church.

My family and I go to and we love it!!  The first thing we noticed when we started going a year ago, is how friendly everyone is and how easy it is to get involved!  We are part of a Life Group, and have made so many good friends!  It is so much fun!

My favorite part of the experience has got to be the music.  I get really upset when we miss any part of the music!  It is like going to a rock concert!

My kids love it too!  No crying when we drop them off!  They are learning so much!!  I was talking to my 5 year old daughter about being nice to her brother, and she rolled her eyes and told me, "Mom, God still loves me even when I'm bad."  She learned that from Life Kids and that makes me so happy!!

Pastor Craig Groeschel is awesome!  He is funny and spiritually challenging all at the same time.  And not bad on the eyes, I might add.  If you have the YouVersion app on your phone, that's from Pastor Craig Groeschel and! has changed my life and my relationship with God!  I definitely look forward to going to church every weekend.  I actually feel sad when it's over because I have to wait a whole week to go again! is based in Oklahoma and has 14 locations  nationwide.  But you don't have to have a location in your area to go because you can go to church online at  So check it out!  You won't be disappointed!!

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