Thursday, March 3, 2011

Designers Who Inspire. #2 Mary McDonald

One of my favorite designers is former milliner Mary McDonald.  What I love about all of her rooms is the wow factor.  Her designs are never boring!  She pays great attention to the smallest details.  She has inspired me to add more drama to my decorating and not be afraid to take chances.

Who would have thought that putting striped curtains and striped walls together would look good?  Somehow Mary McDonald pulled it off!  Notice the details on the couch, the Greek key trim and the tassle.  She says in her book that she often uses dressmaker details in her decorating because she used to be a milliner.

Wow! Love that bed! It brings a lot of  drama to the room!  This is a bedroom she designed for a House Beautiful show house in Bel Air.  She designed the canopy bed.

Here is a picture of  Mary's leopard print library.  In her book she writes that she planned to add more pictures to the wall, but she never did.  Even famous designers have rooms that are not "finished."

Dramatic use of color!

Picture of a beautiful living room on the left.  A gorgeous bedroom on the right.

Another gorgeous bedroom with another dramatic bed!  I think Mary McDonald is a master at creating beautiful bedrooms!

A neutral dining room brought to life by the red curtains.  I love the use of blue and red and all of the Asian accents in the living room.  Her rooms often have an exotic, worldly look to them.

Pretty living room.  Love the bold artwork and mirrors!

More blue and red!

Cute girl's bedroom featured in House Beautiful.  What little girl wouldn't want to sleep in that bed?

Dramatic black and white with accents of red.  Definitely not boring!

Two colorful living rooms!

Mary McDonald Interiors

If you get a chance, go to the book store, find a comfy chair and take a look at her new book.  Hubby gave it to me for Christmas and I have read every page and studied every picture.  There is lots of inspiration to be had.   You will not be disappointed!

To view Mary McDonald's portfolio go here.

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