Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day In My Dreams!

My Valentine's evening will begin with me soaking in the tub, reading the latest House Beautiful, and sipping a Dr. Pepper.  House Beautiful.

While the kids play quietly and harmoniously!  Lonny Magazine.

I will then head to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on our dinner from Panda Express.  House Beautiful.

Before hubby gets home, I will pop into the powder room to wipe the orange chicken stain off my shirt.  Oops!  Lonny Magazine.

Once hubby gets home, we will then head to the living room for a few cocktails.  Or maybe another Dr. Pepper.  House Beautiful.


After that, the kids will join us for dinner in the dining room.  Phoebe Howard.

After dinner, the kids take a quick bath and brush their teeth.  House Beautiful.

After reading daughter M a story, she goes right to sleep.  Shannon Berrey Design.

And when I put baby W down in his crib, he also falls right to sleep.  I did say this was a dream, right? Lonny Magazine.

We will then head to the family room to watch Minute To Win It.  Love that show!  Have you seen it?  House Beautiful.

After the show is over, we will head to bed for nine hours of uninterrupted sleep!  Elle Decor.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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