Friday, September 16, 2011

Decorating lessons learned from fashion


I love this outfit from Kendi.  The blue shoes are so unexpected with the taupe dress and gold jewelry.  This outfit kind of reminds me of this room.

The dark blue walls and pillows work well with the taupe chair and gold accents.  A great color combination in your wardrobe and your home too!

Another darling outfit from Kendi.  I love the bright blue and red floral skirt mixed with the striped shoes and polka dotted blouse.  I often like to mix patterns in my home, but not with my clothes.  I will now though!  This outfit kind of reminds me of this room.

It has a mix of bright blue and red and yellow.  It also has an interesting mix of patterns.  They don't match, but somehow they work together, just like Kendi's outfit.


So pretty!  I love the bright pink dress paired with the orange purse!  It reminds me of this room.

Melissa Rufty Interior Design Decoration Project sample

A beautiful pink and orange bedroom from Melissa Rufty.  So vibrant!

Decorating lessons Kendi has taught us today:

Neutrals look good with unexpected pops of color.

Do not be afraid to mix patterns.

Pink and orange DO look good together!

Y'all have a great weekend!

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