Friday, September 23, 2011

Decorating Classics #3

Animal Prints

Especially leopard print.  I love leopard print!  I love leopard print today as much as I did back in 1999.  To me, leopard print is a neutral.  I like cheetah and zebra prints too.  I think every room could use a little animal print.  Cheetah, leopard, or zebra, take your pick!

Purple And Animal Print Living Room Decor

The key word is little.  Don't do this!

Do this instead!


Great chair!  Image from here.

Beautiful!  Image from here.

I love leopard print carpet!  It acts as a neutral with the chinoiserie wall covering and fabric.  I special ordered my leopard print carpet for our family room from Home Depot six years ago and I have yet to tire of it.  Room by Joe Nye.

More leopard print carpet!

animal print mono ottoman Impart a new look to your house by using animal print decorating ideas

The zebra print bench adds some excitement to this neutral room.

Even just a pillow looks great.


So pretty!  Image from here.

One of my favorite bedrooms!  Featured in Lonny.


Miles Redd

Nice!  By Jamie Drake.

Another gorgeous bedroom with leopard print carpet.  Love it!!  From Miles Redd.

Do you have any leopard or zebra print in your home?  If not, then you should add some.  A little animal print will always be chic!

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