Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Decorating Classics #2

Blue and White  Ginger Jars

Why?  We had some in my house as a kid and that was 20, ok, 30 years ago.  I think they are here to stay for a while!  They look just as good in a modern setting as they do in a traditional setting.  Check out places like Garden Ridge, Hobby Lobby, and Homegoods as well as thrift stores and estate sales.  And if you have more $ to spend,  check out Wisteria,  Williams-Sonoma Home, or  ebay.

I especially love it when lots of ginger jars are grouped together!  Image from here.

Blue and white looks good with red and celadon.

Looks good with neutrals.

Just looks good!  Image from here.

Barclay Butera. They even look good with leopard print!  The ginger jars, not Barclay Butera.

Katie Rosenfeld.  A big ginger jar on the dining room table makes a big statement.

Miles Redd.  Blue and white ginger jars look great paired with red!

So go out and get yourself some blue and white ginger jars!  They are so versatile and you will have them for a long time!

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