Friday, June 3, 2011

Meg Braff's Palm Beach condo

Can you tell I love Meg Braff?  Here are some pictures of Meg Braff's Palm Beach condo.  It has all the elements of Palm Beach Chic!

White walls + bright happy colors + a Chippendale chair + a pink gourd lamp + a lucite coffee table + a striped rug = Palm Beach Chic!

Orange and turquoise + chinoiserie wallpaper + a Chippendale chair (reflected in the sunburst mirror) + a 70s inspired lamp with simple drum shade = Palm Beach Chic!  I see lamps like that one all the time at the thrift store.  Just add a new shade!

Yellow abstract painting + white walls + colorful patterned chairs + white painted furniture + interesting vases = Palm Beach Chic!

Turquoise and white + trellis pattern + wicker + abstract painting + white walls = Palm Beach Chic!

Love that coffee table!

Pink and white + chinoiserie wallpaper + graphic pillow = Palm Beach Chic!

images from here.

Meg Braff's closet!  Very colorful!  Very Palm Beach Chic!

image from here,


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  2. Very impressive! The clean, warm, uncluttered designs makes the condo look so welcoming! :)

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