Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Inspiration File

These are some interiors that are inspiring me right now.  I love the color palette in all of these rooms.  The use of peacock blue, chartreuse, and shades of pink keep these traditional rooms looking fresh and youthful!

Images from here.

Great mix of patterns in this room!  Tiger print + trellis + floral = Yes, Please!!  Notice that the bed linens are all white, giving the eye a place to rest.  All white linens will make you feel like you are staying in a swanky hotel!

I love the monogrammed pillows and the screen behind the bed, which is actually blocking a window.  Get some pillow shams monogrammed in a fun color for your bedroom.

More peacock blue, my new favorite color!  It looks good mixed with lots of other colors.  Try pairing it with coral, chartreuse, orange, pink, or raspberry.

The next images are the work of designer Katie Rosenfeld.  Her interiors are filled with amazing color combinations.  She proves that traditional doesn't have to be boring!


This dining room is amazing!  Dining room chairs are pretty easy to reupholster.  I even did my own without any problems, so that means anybody can!  Also, you don't have to put a fake floral arrangement in the middle of your table.  Two big ginger jars and you are done!  Check out Homegoods or Garden Ridge for good deals on big ginger jars.

Benches like these at the end of the beds can be easily reupholstered yourself!

A great way to update your home is with your color palette!

*Paint the walls white, banish the beige!

*Buy new pillows and throw blankets in fun patterns with interesting color combinations like coral and peacock blue, pale blue and  lime, or pink and green.

*Is there any wood furniture that you can paint a fresh color?  Do it!  Be bold!

*Do you have a bench or chair that would be easy for you to reupholster?  Find a great fabric to complement your color palette and try it!

*Buy a canvas or two and create your own artwork in your new youthful color palette!  You can do it!  It's abstract!

If you are stuck in a color rut, I hope these rooms have inspired you to add some happy colors into your home!

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