Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Autumn Necessities for the Home

1. A Fall candle

This candle smells so yummy. When I light this candle I feel like I need to put a sweater on, even when it is 89 degrees outside.  I found mine at Target.

2. Faux fur throw


I can't say this is a necessity just yet, but once the weather cools off it will be nice to snuggle up with this blanket while watching a movie.

3.  Cornucopia

When Fall arrives, the blue and white ginger jars come off the dining room table and the cornucopia goes on.  I fill mine with faux glittery white and black pumpkins, gold acorns, lots of leaves and moss.  This Thanksgiving, I think I am going to try to make Martha Stewart's candy cornucopias for the kids.  So cute!

4.  Opi fingernail polish in Siberian Nights

Siberian Nights OPI Nail Polish

I know this is not for the home, but I can't live without this color for the fall.  My super stylish neighbor was wearing it a couple of years ago and I had to find out what color it was.  I won't keep it a secret.

5.  Chili Pie

A Southern staple.  Chili, cheese and Fritos.  Must be Fritos.  Not nutritious, but so delicious.  Tastes great on a crisp, cool evening.  Go here, for a great recipe.

What are your necessities for the Fall?

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