Thursday, September 12, 2013

Frivolous Decorating! Some days you just need pretty!

 Well I can't seem to stay away from decorating! Reading about decorating, thinking about decorating, dreaming about decorating, or writing about decorating.  There is more to life than decorating, so please visit my other blog, Lady of the House for some great stuff!

 I love these rooms from  Megan Young.  They are very traditional but feel young because of the fun colors used!


Notice the gold interspersed throughout the room.  It really brings the room to life.



Living Room 1

A very glamorous living room!

Living Room 2

Den 1

LOVE this color combination of pale blue, minty green, and orange!  So cheerful!

Den 2

Dining Room

Kitchen - Dining Room

Master Bedroom 1

Blue Guest Room 1

Blue Guest Room 2

Coral Guest Room Bath

Coral Guest Room 1

Coral Guest Room 2



Rich colors!

Megan Young always inspires!  Go here for more!

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