Sunday, August 14, 2011

Staffordshire Dogs. Timeless or Outdated?

I was reading the blog of Phoebe Howard the other night, and I came upon her list of tell-tale signs of a dated house.  I am always afraid to read these because I usually have something that is on the dreaded list.  And this time was no exception!  I actually have a few no-no's on her list.  But, the one that made me cry was staffordshire dogs.  Oh no.  I have three sets in my living room and a couple strays in my kitchen.  Plus a pair in my bathroom.  And I might just have a few in storage.  Suddenly I am questioning every decorating decision I have ever made.  Am I out of date?  Is my home stuck in the late nineties or early two thousands?  Well, after a little research, I am happy to say that the dogs are staying!  Sorry honey!

Designer and blogger Holly Mathis loves them!!

Hip Australian Anna Spiro likes them.  And you know how I feel about her!

Here she uses a pair of white Staffordshire dogs to decorate a side table.

Vanessa De Vargas says "Staffordshire Porcelain Dogs, I cannot get enough of them."  Looking at her work, you can see she is far from outdated!

Porcelain Staffordshire spaniels line up playfully above a portrait and books in the den. “I love Americana, folk art and English country style more than anything,” Hartig says.

Johnson Hartig co-designer of  trendy clothing line Libertine has a large, rather enviable collection topping his book shelf.

The bathroom’s white cabinets and marble countertops are set off by bold wallpaper from Walnut in L.A. Hartig’s whimsical flourishes include antique scale-model schooners under glass, a trio of Staffordshire dogs and a Champagne bottle in the shower.

And in his bathroom too.  I'm so jealous!


British designer Donna Wilson painted Fair Isle sweaters on hers.  The sets sold for a hefty $400 and are sadly no longer available.

Seen here at Black + Spiro from Anna Spiro.

Stylist Mrs. Lilien even includes them on a Mrs. Top Shelf.

an image

Well known interior decorator Carleton Varney places his on brackets on a wall of this dining room for a dramatic affect.

Varney dogs

 The protege of Dorothy Draper even sells the figurines on HSN.

 Dorothy Draper, known as America's most fabulous decorator, loved Staffordshire dog figurines.

 Best known for her work at The Greenbrier Hotel in West Virginia, she scattered the dogs throughout the resort.

Style icon Diana Vreeland, who has been described as the twentieth century's greatest arbiter of style and elegance, had a collection of the dogs.

These days, Staffordshire dogs are not limited to porcelain.

Here are some fun Staffordshire dog cushions by Laura Knight.

She also used the Staffordshire figures on silk scarves.  How cute these would look framed!

I love this felt Staffordshire dog from Caroline Brown Textiles.

I feel better knowing that I am in such good company!  So Mrs. Howard, I will respectfully agree to disagree!

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